Hawaiian print Straps Backpack -303Orange

Hawaiian print Straps Backpack -303Orange
Item# SBP14-303OR
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Product Description

This is a simple and lightweight Hawaiian print straps backpacks, it features a duo heavy duty nylon straps, an external pocket with zipper for secure personal items. This bag can be used for holding work out clothes, towers, shoes when going to gym or doing Yoga exercise, holding groceries when shopping, holding books, lap top, Ipad for students, carrying your personal items when traveling and much more.

Made in Hawaii

Dimension approximate: 16"w X 18"h

External pocket: 16" X 11.5"

Material: 100% Canvas

Nylon straps: 1"

Bags are washable

Please note: Due to the pattern were cut from random position of the fabric, the print laid out position of each bag is not look exactly same as the photo shown on this page.